Engineer, mobile advocate, hobbyist entrepreneur


I am a software engineer living in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. I am multilingual, multinational and multicultural. My goal is use my vibrant background to build great products to make people’s lives better and more joyful. I have a special interest in mobile, having built many apps in the last few years. I am always looking forward, trying to experiment and understand shifts in technology, and how it affects us.

Here’s a little about me and my professional career.

I like to...

  • Solve real problems we experience. If technology can play a part, even better!
  • Pick the right tool for the job. I think there is context for every problem, which affects the solutions we choose. I do not discriminate languages and frameworks.
  • The struggle/process of turning an idea into a product: brainstorming, design product workflows, thinking about pricing and marketing, working with stakeholders to refine ideas.
  • Think about all things mobile.
  • Learn anything I don't understand, in order to move forward. So far, that's included: making apps, building services, designing UI, understanding UX, CX, making YouTubes, writing blogs, marketing etc etc.
  • Explore. Travel. Play. Code.
  • Contribute back to the world, with skills I've gathered so far.


Suneth and I started M2D2 to explore our own business ideas. We love building mobile and web applications and experiences. We love being entrepreneurs and learned a great deal about building and releasing apps, qualifying good ideas, growing business ideas, following LEAN Startup ideologies, marketing, sales and a whole lot more.

urrently, M2D2 work is on pause due to family commitments. That hasn't stopped me from exploring interesting ideas.


Work History

LinkedIn is probably the right place for this.

Engineering Manager / Mobile Developer @ Expedia (Worldwide Engineering)
2015 March to Current // 2014 May to 2015 March

Vigil Systems Pty Ltd // 2012 to 2014
Senior Development Engineer & UX Specialist

Vigil Systems Pty Ltd // 2009 to 2012
Development Engineer

Ephox Pty Ltd // 2008 to 2009
Graduate Developer



I love making apps!

From early days of the iPhone, I have been a fan of the minimal UI and beautiful apps. I have experience building apps for both iOS and Android, with a good understanding of Windows Phone too. (I don’t like the whole fanboy discrimination!!). Suneth (my brother) and I formed M2D2 so that we can make cool apps in our spare time, to give life to our crazy ideas and daily app needs!


AlwaysHungry is a project I started under M2D2 banner to help people discover awesome restaurants around Brisbane area. Check out the website here:

And here's our awesome pitch video (definitely getting better at videos!)



App to help keep track of your TV addiction. This is a rewrite of our first version: tvQ 1.0. tvQ was written to maximize code use with tailor made experiences on both iPad and iPhone. Article about it's icon.

I love making these YouTubes!


Momento Jar

Sick of people putting up their party pictures all over the place. Momento Jar lets users build private community albums to share pictures from an event. App is no longer available for download.



LocationBot is an attempt to merge the power of FourSquare and Google Places API for location search with the great navigation capabilities of the new iOS6 Maps app. LocationBot allows you to search through both databases and navigate to that location using Maps app. No more ending up in hazardous locations!! 


Notes + U

NPU is a simple app that helps students record audio during a lecture and take down notes at the same time. A user is able to take notes time stamped to a point in the audio. They can easily jump into a note, bookmark, photo or a link and hear what the lecturer had to say. It also outputs an audio file + PDF of the notes taken and syncs to dropbox.


Stopwatch Droid

Stopwatch Droid was my creation in the process of learning Android apps. This Android 2.3 compatible app was built purely with Java code (including the vector drawn graphics). My main motivation was to create a simple stopwatch to rival other complex and badly designed stopwatch apps that existed in early days of Android 2.0. Checkout what people said about the app:

★★★★★ The only android stopwatch in my opinion
★★★★★ Good clean design, simple to use 5 stars. Just what I was looking for.
★★★★★ Fantastic app. Simple and well designed. 



 Enterprise Android

VigilAssessment is an enterprise app I've helped design and build. It works on pretty much every resolution of Android and works on both phones and tablets with relevant UI changes for each type of device. Great learning experience! 


Design for Desktop

My first design assignment at Vigil Systems was to give an old VB6 product a facelift to  fit  in with Windows 7. 


Open Source Contributions

ActiveAndroid Migrations

Command and Engine Architecture for Android 

How to make an Android App (tutorial video)


Random Details About Me


Before coming to Australia, I spent 10 years in Singapore, where went to high school, and 11 years in Sri Lanka, where I spent most of my childhood.

I went to University of Queensland to study Bachelor of Information Technology (Software Design & Networking major). Towards the end, I completely fell in love with usability, user experience and UI design.