How to make an Android App (video tutorial)

I did a brownbag session at Wotif office about how to make an Android app. It covers a lot of the basics of making an app with Android Studio.

This is an introduction session for Android. It covers the following:

  • Introduction to core concepts like: android building blocks, activities, intents, back stacks, services etc.
  • Covers project structure using Android Studio.
  • We create a basic app that downloads cat pictures from Instagram API.
  • Work with a ListView to display data.
  • Code is available at:
  • Cover some core concepts with resource folders in Android 


Email me or leave a comment if you'd like to see more videos like this (much shorter ones).

How is Facebook Chat Heads possible on Android?

This has been the question since the day I saw Facebook unveil the new Facebook Home suite of apps. Workmate of mine (_) might have found the answer on good-ol' StackOverflow!

Basically, you are able to spawn a service which draws directly on to the Android System's WindowManager by adding a new subview on top of everything. It requires some special Android permissions that the user can agree to during the install. Code example on the link.

Can't help but deeply appreciate the flexibility of Android.