Making Safari Suggested Passwords Sync with Chrome

With the latest OS X Mavericks, Safari browser introduced a very convenient way of generating safe, random passwords when you sign up for a new account with any website. I've started using this feature extensively. It syncs across my iPhone + iPad beautifully as well. Only problem is Chrome...

Right now, I have a manual solution. Turned out to be a little easier than I thought:

  • If you open up the Keychain app on the Mac, You should see two items of interest: "login" and "iCloud". Chrome picks up passwords from Login.
  • Go to iCloud section, arrange by modified date.
  • Select all the recent signups and do a CMD + C (copy).
  • Navigate to login section and do a CMD + V (paste). It's prompt you for your Mac password, go ahead and enter that.
  • Chrome should now pick up the passwords automatically, sync across to all your Chrome browsers from now on.